Exceptional Learning Solutions

Opportunities for Exceptional Students and Teachers!

At Exceptional Learning Solutions, we match students with teachers. We support exceptional students with extra resources, tutoring, in home support sessions and more. All of our teachers are Ontario certified and have current hands-on experience with students in Community Classes and with exceptionalities. We ensure our staff have taken additional qualifications in Special education courses, so they are particularly suited to support your child.  
We are happy to work with your child’s IEP and any other current goals you may have to support in their acquisition of new and developing skills.  We would love to work on skills development in many different areas with your child, whether it be subject based, academic, life skills, social skills and more.   
Let us pair your child with an experienced teacher who can best support them and suit their individual needs. We know that each child is unique and we will tailor our programs and resources to suit their interests and ensure success and skills development occurs.

you're a parent looking for educational support for your child, please let us know!

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Babe Ruth